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Who We Are

The Watch Face Store is a platform designed to help developers deliver great content to their users, without the burden of dealing with the complexities of the backend infrastructure required to do that.

Our team has a great deal of experience developing apps for smartwatches. We know how hard it is to squeeze features and information into devices with limited computing power and memory and we are aware of the most common difficulties experienced by developers and users.

Watch Face Store Logo

What Do We Offer

We provide access to many paid data sources.

You do not have to worry with API integration. When you register a watch face on our system you just select the information you want and we do all the heavy lifting required to collect and transfer the data into the watch.

We use the latest technologies

We run our platform on Amazon Web Services and we designed it from scratch to be robust, with no single point of failure and fully auto-scalable. From day one we are capable of dealing with the highest demands.

User account management

We provide user account registration, deletion and general administration. The Watch Face Store website also handles the OAuth authentication and token management required to access some external data sources. There is no need to deal with it in the watch face code.

Subscription Management

We deal with the subscriptions and integration with the payment gateways.


You will have access to our reports and you will get to know more about your customers. For example you will be able to track how many times a face was downloaded and how many users currently have it installed. We will also share monthly statistics about the kind of content the users are more interested in.

How Does It Work ?

We provide the infrastructure.

You bring the creativity.

We share the profit.

What Data Sources Are Available ?


Complete weather information including hourly forecast for the next 48 hours and daily forecast for the next 8 days. Our data includes real temperature, apparent temperature, cloud cover, dew point, humidity, pressure, UV index, wind speed, wind bearing, snow precipitation and water precipitation.

Foreign Exchange

Up to date conversion rates for more than 150 currencies.

Crypto Currencies

Up to date conversion rates for more than 500 crypto currencies.

Stock Market

Up to date stock market time series for thousands of companies negotiated on many markets.

FitBit Logo


We integrate with Fitbit Web API and we provide access to the activity, body and weight, food logging, heart rate, and sleep endpoints. The data is optimized and transformed on the server side to reduce the size of the payload that is delivered and the amount of memory required to store it on to the watch, and a lot of useful statistics are calculated beforehand, so you can use them directly in your watch face.

Additional content

We will integrate with many other data sources pretty soon.
Be sure you will have a lot of opportunity to be creative and build watch faces your never imagined to be possible.

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